Services provided by us are all under-cover with a Rare Breed of professionals, shadowing, antecedents check, even the sting operations or prevention, we have the experience and the capability

Investigation Service
  • Matrimonial
  • Economic Frauds
  • pre-Matrimonial
  • Post-Matrimonial
  • Pre-Employment verification
  • Post-Employment verification
  • Individual Profile investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Under Cover operation
  • Divorce Case
  • Love affair
  • Sting Operations
Security Guards Service

We are providing high quality Security Guards Service. Looking as the scenario of today, security has become essential. We provide our clients with security guard services for corporate & business houses, legal agencies, banks, insurance companies, multinationals, co-operative firms.The security guards provided by us are physically fit and properly trained to handle critical cases.

Factories & Warehouses Security Guard Services

Factories, warehouses and farm houses are usually located in remote areas or in the out skirts of cities to facilitate ease of access to the highways. The layout for bringing in materials and taking them out in the quickest possible time though very crucial for the business becomes a major security concern and threat to the materials stored or manufactured.

Guarding Services

We Provides guarding services.we knows how to provide best guarding services to our clients

Facility Management

Facility management is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the co-ordination of business support services, often associated with maintenance functions in buildings such as offices, arenas, schools, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc.


We provide body guards/VIP protection of the highest internatinoal standards using the skills and experience of local & overseas operators.

Our operatives are veterans from Special Forces or those recruited for their unique skills and ability to conduct themselves in a distinguished manner, after clearing several vigorous vetting and selection processes.

Trained Dog Squad

Our dog squad comprises highly pedigreed and trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Labradors along with skilled and experienced handlers. These squads are effectively used in industrial applications for perimeter and facility patrol, building/area search operations and intruder detection / apprehension. Labradors are specifically used to detect explosives and narcotics. In residential facilities, they are used for home / family protection, intruder deterrence and intervention, as also for personal prop

Labour Contracting

As a part of our flexible approach Rapid Security Service is able to provide individuals or groups of experienced labour to work under the direct control of clients and provide temporary labour to satisfy manpower requirements.

Escorting Service

We provide industries and corporates with armed/unarmed escort and services for cargos.
Such services are mostly availed by diamond merchants, airlines, etc. to escort individuals or cargos between destinations.

  • Care Taker
  • Allied Service
Cash Management Service

We are a comprehensive security solutions provider; working in close collaboration with Banks, to take care of their Personal and Corporate Cash Collection and Deliveries, along with their  Security and Risk Management. We have a strong management cadre and ‘State of Art’ infrastructure of; Vaults, Cash.

Processing Centers, Bullet Proof and Non-Bullet Proof Cash Vans, with an elaborate  Communication & Monitoring network.  Round the Clock Operations Control Room and Helpdesk ensure continuous operational control and response.


The days of casual bank security norms are well behind us. Growing customer sophistication, high technology & intense global competition has brought about a kind of change that is unbelievable. Customer-service and focus has been the force of change which pinpoints the quality of bank service. As a result, banks have become more customer-friendly.

Our security personnel are trained in all aspects, including handling of weapons, backed by perfect manners & etiquette. Right from ATM Machine guarding, to escort cash in transit from branches and zonal offices, our guards are trained to handle all types of Bank Security. Both Armed and Un-Armed Guards are available for deployment at the banks.

Specialized in Event Security

Specific events require special security arrangements. We provide tailored security solutions combining electronic gadgetry and security personnel, using computerised systems for coordination and control.

From co-ordinating local law enforcement and medcial services to planning for extreme senarios, our diverse expertise and unsurpassed event management capabilities, approach primary and secondary issues such that every contingency is identified and addressed through meticulously drafted plans. We cover events like beauty pageants, concerts, sports, marriages, auctions, etc.

Bouncers Service

We are engaged in providing Bouncers Service. We are very experienced in dealing with volatile situations and intoxicated and unruly crowds. We work closely with law enforcement to strictly comply with all city safety regulations and night club rules, including each of the following night club security service guidelines:

  • Verify proof of age and documentation to prevent entrance to minors.
  • Weapon/drugs search prior to entrance. Anyone found armed or in possession of   drug paraphernalia will be evicted or handed over to law enforcement.
  • Limit access to comply with capacity and city regulations.
  • Strictly enforce all of the city’s safety regulations and the night club’s rules.

Consistently monitor crowds inside and outside of the facility to maintain a controlled   environment.